$100,000 Alex G. Booth Fellowship for Graduating Harvard College Seniors, in USA 2023

A $100,000 Alex G. Booth Fellowship for Graduating Harvard College Seniors at Harvard University in the USA 2023.

About the Sponsor

Every year, Harvard University in the USA gives international and local students the chance to further their higher education at one of the most outstanding and prestigious universities in the entire world.

Harvard University offers a top-notch education and is such a reputable institution that all graduate students are guaranteed employment upon graduation.

The successful applicant’s tuition, housing, and other relevant costs are typically covered by the scholarship provided by Harvard University.

A one-year prize will be given to deserving students to help with their educational costs.

At Harvard, students have access to a wide range of courses created specifically using knowledge and research from around the world.

The curated series of each course has been coupled with the discipline across the institution and the course combination in order to increase the learning opportunities for every student.

Students can interact with the university through participating in online courses or

The university is committed to enhancing its local communities, as evidenced by its long-standing government-funded school partnerships in Cambridge and Boston, cutting-edge research, generous financial support, significant alliances, and numerous other mission-driven programs spread throughout our urban areas and state.

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Harvard is committed to giving back to the communities we call home by creating and maintaining strong partnerships, offering opportunities for education and employment, and fostering research and innovation that benefit metropolitan regions.


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About Alex G. Booth Fellowship 

The Alex G. Booth Fellowship is one of the annual fellowships provided by Harvard University. It is a one-time award of about $100,000 that targets graduating students; the number of awards will vary depending on the project funds.

For an experience tied to an intellectual area of interest, the Booth Fellowship helps cover travel and partner project costs.

Enrolling in an academic program or taking an exam are examples of qualified initiatives, but they can also take into account learning in a less formal environment (an internship, travel experience, or service projects).

In accordance with GSS rules, recommendations may be made for any period of time up to one year, in any domestic or foreign location.

The Fellowship is an outstanding opportunity for extraordinarily motivated people who are eager to change the world. The fellowship enables recipients to reside and operate in remote or difficult locations with a different culture.

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For both professional and personal growth, this can be a priceless experience. Independent people with a sense of adventure from all backgrounds are welcome to apply for the fellowship.

Important Information: These opportunities may need to be updated in accordance with current travel advice because they depend on Harvard travel policies.

Scholarship Details

  • Academic Year: 2022-2023
  • Scholarship Country: United States
  • Applicant’s Nationality: Local and International
  • Degree Level: Graduate Degree
  • Field: Any eligible field offered by the Harvard University
  • Scholarship Award: $100,000 funds will be available annually
  • Number of Awards: The number of awards will be determined depending on the project budgets.
  • Duration: 12 Months
  • Offered yearly?: Yes
  • Renewable: No

Scholarship Qualification

The students must first be eligible for the fellowship offered by Harvard University before submitting an application.

The fellowship is open to graduating students, and applications will be reviewed with the understanding that it is an individual award and not to be given in a group.

Selection Standards

Candidates should provide evidence of how their prospective endeavor relates to their intellectual interests, which are typically understood to be related to their concentration. The suggested trip should also reflect the candidate’s personal initiative.

The terms of the donor require selection councils to award grants that will enable the recipient to participate in a program of movement, study, examination, or observation that will additionally broaden and challenge an existing interest in a particular field, based on their own planning and initiative.

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Boards will look for sufficient academic background to identify a meaningful and thought-provoking experience during the fellowship given the linkages between a recipient’s subject of interest and the proposed project.

Along with the possibility to be challenged and have one’s perspectives enlarged by the fellowship experience, the donor’s criteria also specify curiosity as a requirement for selection. The selection criteria exclude consideration of financial need.

Application Procedures

In order to move on with the application, the students must be able to complete their CARAT information, which includes the budget for the suggested plans and must be gathered and included on the application’s cover sheet.

Required Documents

Students must include the following in their application for the fellowship program:

Scholarship Deadline

The application must be finished and submitted by February 23, 2023.

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The number of grants will vary depending on the proposed projects and will be given out by Harvard University to the successful graduating students in the range of $100,000.


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