11 High Paying Careers You can Pursue with a Biology Degree

careers you can pursue with a biology degree 2
careers you can pursue with a biology degree 2

Biology is a popular choice among science enthusiasts since it involves the study of living things. From the molecular level to large communities of creatures, the curriculum covers a wide range of topics. Biology, anatomy, genetics, microbiology, and pharmacology are all required courses that give essential information for a number of professions. Students can pursue advanced degrees to get greater specialty, but there are many of occupations that don’t require more than a biology degree.

Graduates can work as research scientists, healthcare practitioners, technicians, instructors, medical salespeople, and more as a result of their knowledge of living systems. Furthermore, biology students know how to organize experiments and assess results, which is a highly transferable talent that demonstrates an analytical approach.

They also get hands-on experience through lab classes and research opportunities. Many courses require students to write reports, which teaches them how to communicate clearly and accurately.


A Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) in Biology will help you prepare for a range of biology-related occupations, including those in environmental and biological sciences, biotechnology, and medicine.

Some jobs can allow you to start right away. These are sometimes referred to as “entry-level” occupations since they have lesser degrees of responsibility. Higher-level jobs frequently necessitate further education, training, and/or experience to qualify for. Many teaching, research, and consulting roles are often included in this category.

careers you can pursue with a biology degree


Table of Contents

1. Biochemist

Biochemists are at the vanguard of biotechnology and biomedical research breakthroughs. This covers a wide range of issues relating to the chemical theories to explain living things, such as cell growth, inheritance, and illness. They have the laboratory capabilities and technical expertise to plan and conduct studies that will aid in the advancement of the field.

Biochemists do basic and applied research to gain a better understanding of biological processes and to find solutions to specific challenges.

Biochemists and biophysicists are scientists who research the chemical and physical principles that govern living organisms and physiological structures.


Biochemists Estimated Salary

Biochemists Estimated Annual Salary:

95,000 per year
$45 per hour


2. Biomedical Engineer

biomedical engineering is known as the application of engineering principles and problem-solving methodologies to biology and medicine. This is evident throughout healthcare, from diagnosis and analysis to treatment and recovery, and has made its way into the public consciousness through the proliferation of implantable medical devices like pacemakers and artificial hips, as well as more futuristic technologies like stem cell engineering and 3-D printing of biological organs.
A biomedical engineer’s responsibilities also include the management of existing medical technology in facilities while conforming to industry standards.

The biotech business, according to financial analysts, is in a bubble. While this may be true, there is still enough of work for biomedical engineers.

Designing biomedical equipment, working with machines to identify medical issues, developing artificial intelligence organs, and providing technical assistance for biomedical devices are all part of this career.


Biomedical Engineer Estimated Salary

Biomedical Engineer Estimated Annual Salary

$92,620 per year
$44.53 per hour


3. Microbiologist

Microbiologists research bacteria, viruses, and parasites to learn more about how they interact with their surroundings. From vaccine development to the development of new biofuels, this subject has a large impact on today’s globe.
Are you interested in working with fungi, bacteria, algae, or viruses? Then, that is the job of a microbiologist: to figure out how these organisms originate, survive, develop, and interact with their surroundings.

This is a key position in the face of booming population growth, falling vaccination rates, and rising dangers of a global health epidemic.
Microbiologists look into how these cultures interact with their surroundings and vice versa.

Microbiology is an important subject of biology that is undergoing new study. Microbiology studies are linked to biology degrees, especially if microorganisms, biochemistry, and cell biology are emphasized. Laboratory experience is also required for microbiologists, which many biology grads have in abundance.

Microbiologist Estimated Salary

Microbiologist Estimated Annual Salary:

$84,400 per year
$40.58 per hour


4. Representative for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical reps offer drugs to hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. They require a comprehensive scientific understanding of how a new medicine will effect people. Chemistry, anatomy, and physiology are technical concepts that must be understood in order to interact effectively with doctors and patients. They assist healthcare providers in bringing life-saving drugs to the public by connecting them with novel treatments.

Pharmaceutical reps must examine competitor drugs and how they differ in function and benefits, in addition to learning about their company’s products.

Individual meetings, conferences, and other events are used by these employees to acquire new consumers. Because the pharmaceutical sector is rapidly expanding, there are constantly new drugs to develop and advertise.

Pharmaceutical reps Estimated Salary

Pharmaceutical reps Estimated Annual Salary:



5. Science-based writer

When it comes to communicating accurate and compelling information, communication skills are crucial.

Science writers employ their technical expertise of the sciences to produce engaging and accurate content. They can contribute to journals, periodicals, and other publications on a variety of themes, such as physical, chemical, and biological sciences. These writers must examine data and provide reliable summaries of the findings. They are also in charge of communicating complicated technical concepts in a way that the general reader can comprehend.

A biology degree gives vital technical knowledge and expertise, making issues easier to comprehend and write about. Employers prefer authors who have a proven track record in the field.

Science writers Estimated Salary

Science writers Estimated Annual Salary:

$74,650 per year
$35.89 per hour


6. Epidemiologists

Epidemiologists search locate the source of a disease, identify those who are at risk, and figure out how to manage or stop it from spreading or happening again. They are considered to be  “Disease Detectives”.
Epidemiologists examine disease patterns in human populations, as well as the causes and effects of diseases.
They also organize, carry out, and coordinate pathogen research of all kinds. Their research could be tied to pandemics, or isolated outbreaks of diseases that are completely unrelated.

Epidemiologists work in hospitals, universities, and governmental organizations.

Epidemiologists Estimated Salary:

Epidemiologists Estimated Annual Salary:

$74,560 per year
$35.84 per hour


7. Registered Nurse

Registered nurses are health-care professionals who collaborate with patients, doctors, and other health-care professionals.
Registered nurses do a variety of tasks, including providing direct patient care and implementing nursing care plans, as well as teaching in nursing programs, training patients on disease prevention, health & maintenance, performing clinical research etc.

There are different levels of a registered nurse, which includes:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Registered Nurse
  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice
  • Nurse Managers and Executives

Registered nurses Estimated Salary:

Registered nurses Estimated Annual Salary:

$75,330 per year
$36.22 per hour


8. High School Teacher

Working as a biology teacher at a high school is a fantastic career choice. Excellent compensation, excellent benefits, nine months off, plus all the financial rewards that come with being a teacher.
A bachelor’s degree in biology with an emphasis on education is required to become a high school biology teacher. You can complete your biology degree in four years if you are a full-time student.

High School Teacher Estimated Salary

High School Teacher Estimated Annual Salary:

$62,000-$63,000 per year


Environmental scientists

Environmental scientists put their biology training to good use in order to safeguard the environment and improve human health.

Environmental scientists, also known as environmental engineers, apply biological, chemical, and engineering principles to identify and develop solutions to prevalent environmental problems. Recycling, public health, air pollution management, garbage disposal, and water are just a few of them.

These scientists can collect environmental samples in the field or evaluate information and generate data in a laboratory setting.

Some environmental scientists work for consulting firms that assist businesses in adhering to sustainable business practices.
They compose technical studies and give presentations to the general public to explain their solutions.

Environmental scientists Estimated Salary:

Environmental scientists Estimated Annual Salary:

$73,230 per year
$35.21 per hour


10. Pharmacists

To understand the biochemical mechanisms and activities of medications, drug uses, therapeutic functions, side effects, potential drug interactions, and monitoring parameters, pharmacists require university or graduate-level education.

In a hospital or retail setting, this is an avenue which helps pharmacists in organizing, measuring, labeling, packaging, and dispensing prescription drugs.

Patients receive pharmaceutical care as well as basic primary health care services from the pharmacist.

In a hospital or retail context, this job helps pharmacists organize, measure, label, package, and dispense prescription drugs.

Pharmacists Estimated Income:

Pharmacists Estimated Annual Income:

$128,710 per year
$61.88 per hour


11. Natural Sciences Managers

Scientists such as chemists, physicists, and biologists are supervised by natural sciences managers. They coordinate tasks such as testing, quality control, and production, as well as direct research and development efforts.
They aid scientists with technological issues. Develop goals and plans for researchers and developers in collaboration with top executives.

Managers in the natural sciences can work for research and development companies, federal government agencies, pharmaceutical and medical companies, and even state governments.

Sometimes, natural sciences managers include former scientists who might just continue to conduct their own research while overseeing the work of others after becoming managers.

Natural Sciences Managers Estimated Salary:

Natural Sciences Managers Estimated Annual Salary:

$137,940 per year
$66.32 per hour


5 Other Good Salary Careers for Biology Degree Holders:

1. Forensic Science Technicians

$60,590 per year, $29 per hour

2. Respiratory Therapists

$62,810 per year, $30.20 per hour

3. Marine Biologist Salary

$52,243 per year, $20.99/ hour

4. Marine Biologist

$52,243 per year, $20.99 per hour

5. Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists

$66,350 per year, $31.90 per hour.


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