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16 Smart Guides for Building a Small Business Team in 2022/23

20 smart guides for building a small business team in 2022 2

In 2023, every business needs focus on establishing a collaborative relationship. Putting together a small business team is never easy. You might not be able to control the general sense of insecurity and labor shortages.

To locate the ideal people for each role, you undoubtedly considered your company’s culture and employee personalities while hiring. Team building, on the other hand, can help team members work more efficiently, get to know one another, and create a positive work environment.

However, you can ensure that your hiring and onboarding procedures are up to standard. Below are some ideas for putting together a strong small business team (some expert opinions from individuals of the internet business ecosystem).



Why is it crucial to form a group with a mutual objective?

20 smart guides for building a small business team in 2022

A common agenda ensures that all employees are working towards the same goals. It allows you to compete with businesses of all sizes by making your workforce more connected and effective.


They are more likely to be motivated to succeed.  Employees that understand your company’s common goals are also more likely to give quality service, adding value to your customers.

Only by setting and achieving strategic goals can your company progress. Your company is more likely to succeed if all members of your team are aware of these objectives and are working together to attain them.

This translates to improved teamwork and, as a result, increased value for your clients.

16 Smart Ways for Building a Small Business Team

smart small business team building


1. Truth Or Dare?

This game is a great way to break the ice at company meetings or retreats. Invite everyone at the table to share a personal tale or a fun fact about themselves. Allow 30 seconds for the others to ask clarifying questions regarding the story. Everyone votes at the end of the game to see if the initial player is speaking the truth or if the story is a falsehood.

This game allows employees to get to know one another, and the Q&A session puts their ability to think on their feet to the test. Your employees will have a good time guessing who is telling the truth about their past and who is lying.


2. Exercising in a group

Conditioning workouts are a type of exercise that is used to improve fitness and health. They can be completed anywhere, at any time, but keep them easy so that your employees don’t find them too challenging (or get too sweaty).

Your best bet is to do workouts with your own bodyweight. Exercises such as jumping jacks, air squats, push-ups, and/or burpees are just a few examples. Pick one, complete a couple of sets of 5-10 reps, and combine a few of the exercises together for added impact.

This is a wonderful activity to do in the middle of the afternoon when everyone is tired. Get them up and moving so they can finish the day on a high note. When a group exercises together, they stay together.


3. Participate in professional development programs.

Games and puzzles aren’t the only ways to bring your small business’s team together. They might even be as simple as activities for professional growth. Attending seminars, conferences, and webinars with your staff helps you interact with one another and improves your company.

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Take your staff to the manufacturer to learn how things are manufactured if you manage a retail business. If you own a hair salon, you may hire industry professionals to come in and teach new cutting and coloring techniques for a day.


4. Create a Pleasant and Calm Working Environment

Employees that are satisfied with their work tend to accomplish more. While you can’t guarantee that everyone on your team is happy in their personal lives, you can make sure that they have a pleasant working environment.

Even if you don’t manage a healthcare company, it’s crucial to recognize and handle when your staff have reached their limit in their everyday activities.


5. Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms are a type of game where they give a pleasant method for people to put their skills to the test while also allowing them to collaborate to solve a common challenge. Because it pushes your staff to work together, an escape room is a great bonding activity for them. Escape rooms have grown in popularity.

These rooms come in a range of themes, ranging from knowledge about movies and television shows to games within games. The majority of escape rooms will demand you to break up your group into smaller groups of up to five persons. Form groupings of people who don’t frequently work together in this scenario. Give the group that escapes first a prize or an incentive.


6. Office trivia

Fun facts about the workplace, Getting the whole team together for some office trivia is a wonderful way to get some healthy competition going. Divide the employees into two groups and come up with a series of trivia questions. Trivia questions are widely available on the internet and at most game retailers. You may also utilize cards from a game of Trivial Pursuit.

You can either ask each team a question one at a time, giving them a specified amount of time to respond, or you can use a buzzer system. Give the opposing team a chance to steal. If your team is well-connected, you can have employees submit personal trivia questions and answers, as well as a few company-related questions.

It’s a fun and challenging approach to boost teamwork by answering trivia questions. This short team-building activity can be played in a variety of ways, but all you need is a set of trivia questions to get started.


7. A Glass Of Drinks

Quick team-building activities may not always have to be games. Treat your coworkers to a round of drinks at the neighborhood beach bar by leaving the office early or gathering after work hours. Just double-check that everyone is safe to drive thereafter.

You could even hire a portable bar and bartender to set up and serve drinks to your team after lunch. Because there would still be time throughout the workday for the alcohol to wear off, there would be no possibility of anyone being too inebriated to drive home.

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8. Blow Up the Balloons

This team-building activity is exactly what it says on the box. In a certain length of time, teams (or individuals) seek to blow up and tie as many balloons as possible. Make sure you have enough of balloons on hand in case you run out. It will be much easier to count at the end if you can acquire two different colors.

Because you’re playing a game and producing decorations at the same time, this is a terrific activity to do before a larger celebration. You can then play the following game if you aren’t having a party or when the party is nearly ended.


9. Take a chance on something new.

Create enjoyable group activities for employees to put their sense of adventure to the test. You may form a team and participate in a neighborhood or other charity run, spend a day on an adventurous course, or choose for a less physical sport like horseback riding or birdwatching.

Employees can use adventure activities to help them work together and establish trust. You might build a stronger sense of appreciation for one another when you embark on a journey together.


10. Ensure that your team understands how much you value them.

People enjoy working for a boss who is really concerned about their well-being. Spend a few minutes each day talking with your workers about their lives outside of work. Inquire about their family, background, and hobbies.

There’s a strong possibility you’ll share something in common with the majority of your team.

You may also demonstrate your appreciation for your employees by spending in your staff. To make your staff feel at ease at work, provide them with high-quality equipment and a nice working atmosphere.


11. Create repeatable processes.

The capacity to build procedures is one of the reasons why an excellent team can help your organization get more done. Processes can be measured after they are repeatable.

Once they’re measurable, the team can figure out where problems occur and take steps to solve and enhance the process. As a result, making the process repeatable is a critical first step toward achieving perfection in a sector.

Tasks that can be repeated increase team efficiency and help with speedy processing.


12. Group meditation

Group meditation is a fantastic method to give your employees a relief from their busy workday while also strengthening your team, and the benefits of meditation are numerous.

Meditation aids in the reduction of stress, the improvement of attention, the rise of happiness, and the improvement of cardiovascular and immune health.

All of these are excellent ways to keep your employees happy and healthy.

Get as many yoga mats as you can so that everyone can relax on the floor. If you don’t have enough space for everyone to lie down, you may just use office chairs. To get the most out of this brief team-building activity, you may need to bring in someone who is familiar with leading a meditation session.

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13. Accept people with a variety of qualities and personalities.

Too many businesses attempt to shape people into their ideal employee. While encouraging employees to adopt your corporate culture is totally reasonable, demanding someone to change their personality nearly never works.

Instead, you should value the diversity of your team’s personality. Give someone who is outgoing and enjoys talking a job engaging with consumers. If you hire someone who is more introverted, they will most likely be happier and more productive undertaking things that need their full attention.


14. It’s field day!

Most of us recall that one day in school when everyone battled against one another in various games, such as tug-of-war, potato sack races, or three-legged races. Field days are also popular team-building activities for small businesses.

A field day allows your employees to bond while playing in a range of events, which fosters camaraderie. People of all skills, skill levels, and capacities can participate in a number of athletic and nonathletic activities.


15. Tackle any issues that arise within the team.

Colleague at work issues develop on a regular basis. In practically every workplace, there are disagreements about how things should be done, personality clashes, and opposing agendas.

It’s critical for you to detect and manage any issues that arise as the team leader before they spiral out of control.

Also, be sure you’re not the cause of any issues. Employees may believe that their employer likes to control them or fails to credit them when it is due.


16. Throughout the Day, Play Pictionary

Although this simple team-building activity involves some planning, the effort involved is well worth it. An easel, a pad of paper, markers, and several Pictionary cards are required. Run each round like the classic Pictionary TV show to keep the game simple.

Your workers should be divided into two groups. Pick a word from a Pictionary card. Give one of team A’s players two minutes to sketch while the rest of the team tries to guess—they can scream out responses as she draws. Give team A one more guess when the timer runs out.

Give team B one guess as a chance to steal if they don’t get the right answer. After that, trade sides and allow team B to draw.



Encourage your staff to come up with innovative company ideas. Encourage them to work together, come up with new ideas, and give a captivating presentation to a panel of other employees.

Encourage the team to be as innovative as possible. You might get a lot of crazy ideas that aren’t realistic or feasible, but you might also get some unique and innovative ideas that make sense for your business.

Building a team from scratch to the top is never going to be a straight path, but with determination and proper planning, you can sure overcome.

To your success!


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