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Best Programming Certifications To Consider In 2023

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best programming certifications in 2022

From cellphones to computers, drones, robotics, automobiles, and a lot more, we can see how far technology has come from ancient times. The majority of these advancements are made possible by a branch of technology known as programming.

Programming is an element of technology, which is versatile. You can’t expect to become an expert programmer by taking a few programming classes, given the number of people who are becoming programmers and the level of industry rivalry.

Maintain your skill development to keep up with the expectations of the market.


It may be difficult to choose among a large number of programming certifications given the number of educational platforms that offer them. We wrote this article to help you focus your search on the top programming certifications available worldwide.

These programming credentials are not only trustworthy, but they also offer good value.

Exams for programming certifications are designed to prove your expertise and knowledge in the subject, particularly whether you’re looking for work or collaborating with a potential client.



Major Benefits of Certification in Programming?

Obtaining the top programming certificates has many advantages, some of which are;

  • it strengthens and expands your understanding of programming
  • It evaluates and certifies your programming knowledge, which is extremely important while looking for employment in that industry.
  • it gives you a competitive advantage over your industry peers.
  • it encourages potential clients to have faith in your abilities.


Prior to obtaining a programming certification, it is advised that you conduct thorough study; nevertheless, we have streamlined your search for you by gathering the top programming certificates. Read on:


2022’s Top 10 Programming Certifications to Consider

best programming certifications in 2022

1. C++ Certified Associate Programmer Certification

This professional certificate evaluates your capacity to carry out with success coding activities associated with the principles of programming in the C++ language as well as the essential ideas and methods employed in object-oriented programming.

The following are some of the subjects covered by this programming certification:

  • Streamed inputs and outputs, operations, fundamental scalar data types, and conversions.
  • introduction to software development and compilation.
    data gathering.
  • Object-oriented model and C++ language implementation.
  • functions overload, definition, declaration, and invocation.
  • defining user-defined and overload operators.
  • language’s syntax and semantics in C++.


2. Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

One of the more well-known certifications offered by Microsoft is this one. The greatest programming certificates are among the many that the IT company offers.

You will have an advantage over your competitors in the cloud computing sector by pursuing this programming certification with the IT giant and becoming a certified programmer. This certification is designed with those new to cloud-based solutions in mind.

Cloud principles, fundamental Azure services, solutions, and management tools, identity, governance, privacy, and compliance capabilities, as well as general security and network security features, are some of the subjects covered.

Obtaining programming certifications doesn’t require any particular qualifications. Here are some key facts concerning Microsoft Azure:

  • The cost of the programming certification is just $99.
  • They provide certification in programming in a number of languages, including English, Spanish,French, Chinese, German, Japanese, and Italian.
  • There are 85 minutes in the program.
  • It has a performance-based multiple-choice structure.
  • They have online access to it.
  • To receive your certification, you must achieve a pass mark of 700; the pass mark is calculated on a scale of 100 to 1000.
  • The certification does not require re-certification.
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Learn more at microsoft


3. C&C++Certifications

One of the top programming certificates that has been around for a while is this one. The Pearson VUE and C++ Institute carved out a market by offering the first C and C++ certifications in the world, enabling this curriculum to gain international recognition.

The C++ Certified Associate Programmer Certification (CPA) and the C Programming Language Certified Associate are the names of this programming credential (CLA).


4. C Programming Language Certified Associate

The CLA certification tests your ability to complete coding activities related to the fundamentals of programming in the C programming language. It is another professional programming certification. The following subjects are covered by this programming certification:

  • the idea of computer programming as a whole and developer tools.
  • the language’s data types, as well as its syntax and semantics.
  • Flow management.
  • scalar types and their operators in general.
  • streams and files
  • the fundamentals of program creation and compilation.
  • complex arrays, pointers, and data structures.
  • memory administration.
  • Coding structure: modules and functions.

You don’t need to meet any prerequisites to participate in this certification. The following additional crucial data relating to this programming certification is provided:

  • The certification exam has a $295 price.
  • It lasts 65 minutes.
  • 70% is the cutoff percentage.
  • The English language is used to deliver the certification program.
  • Single-choice, multiple-choice exam questions are the format.
  • The certification does not require re-certification.


5. Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer (OCAJP).

This is one of Oracle’s best programming certifications, with a particular emphasis on Java programming. One of the most well-known programming languages used today is Java.

It is an all-purpose, high-level, pure object-oriented programming language created by Sun Microsystem and now integrated into Oracle. The OCA certification is the first step in obtaining an Oracle-certified professional certification.

You can gain a foundational understanding of Java programming with the aid of this certification. The program is broken down into;

  1. Java Standard Edition 8 for OCAJP (OCAJP8)
  2. Java Standard Edition 11 for OCAJP (OCAJP11)

You will learn about subjects such;

  • programming in Java: an introduction.
  • Making and utilizing an array.
  • Using Java data types.
  • using loop constructions.
  • utilizing decision operators and constructions.
  • utilizing methods, encapsulation, and inheritance.
  • classifying and utilizing objects and classes.
  • Java development environment and Java technology.
  • management of expectations.
  • comprehension lessons.

Learn more on Oracle


6. AWS Certified Developer Associate (AWS CDA).

People who have one or two years of practical experience developing and managing an AWS-based solution are eligible for the AWS Certified Developer Associate certification.

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One of the best programming certifications offered by Amazon for expanding and improving your understanding of Amazon Web Services is this one.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of creating, deploying, and troubleshooting web applications with AWS in this section.

You don’t need any prerequisites in order to take this test. However, you should be well-versed in a few programming languages, familiar with the core AWS services, able to use the services API, AWS CLI, and SDKs, understand basic AWS architecture best practices, as well as the AWS Shared Responsibility Model, manage application lifestyles, be able to recognize key AWS service features, and possess other necessary skills.

The following additional details are crucial for you to understand:

  • The examination lasts for 130 minutes.
  • Cost of certification is $150.
  • Multiple response or multiple choice is the exam format.
  • Languages like English, German, French, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and others are available for the exam.
  • Every three years, certification must be renewed.

You can develop the skills and information required to be an authority in your industry by earning an OCAJP. Additional pertinent data include;

  • The cost of certification and examination is $245.
  • The passing score for the test is 77%.
  • The exam takes 150 minutes to complete.
  • The test is available in a number of languages, including English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.

Learn more at


7. Puppet Lab Puppet Developer (PLPD)

One of the programming languages used by web developers to automate and maintain server setup is puppet.

A fantastic method to verify your abilities and raise your credibility while utilizing Puppet and system management tools created by Puppet lab is to obtain a PLPD certification.

The essentials of Puppet software, environments, troubleshooting, classification, orchestration and tasks, and module authoring are all covered in this programming certification.

There aren’t any prerequisites for this programming certification, but you should be familiar with how to build fundamental modules such data separation and external data sources.

Additional pertinent details regarding this certification include:

  • the $200 certification fee.
  • It takes 1.5 hours to complete.
  • The exam is multiple-choice in format.
  • English is the used language.
  • It can be carried out remotely or online.
  • 70 percent or more is the passing mark.
  • Renewing your certification will take a year and six months

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8. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect (GCPCA).

One of the top programming certificates, as well as one of the most reliable and trustworthy credentials, is offered by Google. The industry leader in search offers many certificates in a variety of sectors.

Although there are no prerequisites for this certification, it is assumed that you have at least three years of expertise in the field of cloud-based computing and have used it for at least a year to build software solutions.

Your ability to use Google cloud technologies, how you plan a cloud-based architecture, and how you manage the cloud solution will all be tested as part of the programming certification. Your capacity to use confidentiality ethics and cyber security will also be put to the test.

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The following are some pertinent details regarding this certification:

  • The test set you back $200.
  • The test lasts two hours.
  • It is available in both Japanese and English.
  • The exam is multiple-choice in format.

Additionally, it can be completed in person at a testing facility or online.

  1. The passing score for the test is 70%.
  2. A certification must be renewed every two years.

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9. Certified Associate in Python Programming (PCAP)

PCAP is one of the best programming certifications that evaluates your ability to complete coding activities linked to the fundamental ideas and techniques of object-oriented programming, the Python programming language, and other programming fundamentals.

Python is a high-level, all-purpose programming language that is integrated. It is a well-known programming language utilized in fields including data analysis, artificial intelligence, robotics, web development, mathematics, and drone systems. It addresses issues like:

  • Python’s foundations.
  • aggregates data.
  • data operations and kinds.
  • treating exceptions.
  • packages and modules.
  • Control and assessment.
  • Strings.
  • modules and functions.
  • programming that is object-oriented.

You should be aware of the following details regarding this programming certification:

  • The exam takes 65 minutes to complete.
  • Seventy percent is required to pass.
  • Pearson VUE provides it both on-site and remotely.
  • The language of the exam is English.
  • The test was $295.

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10. CompTIA Security+

One of the top programming certifications that is well-known is CompTIA Security+. It enables you to acquire the abilities required to carry out fundamental security procedures, guaranteeing that you have a distinguished career in IT security.

Consider this certification if you have an interest in cyber security and want to be recognized as an expert. You will be equipped to manage any cyber security difficulties you may run into after passing the exam. To fulfill industry standards, they updated the certification frequently.

Although there are no prerequisites for this certification, it is advised that you have some experience in the IT industry, particularly in the area of cyber security. These are some of the subjects covered by this certification:

• It gives you an introduction to the fundamentals of cyber security using real-world, business-related difficulties so you may gain on-the-job experience.

risk management and evaluation.
security oversight.
business networks.
incident reaction
hybrid processes.

You should also be familiar with the laws and regulations in effect today that control cyber security. Additional details on this programming certification include:

  • The certification is $370 in price.
  • It goes on for around 1.5 hours.
  • Japanese and English are both spoken.
  • It is remotely authored.
  • Both the multiple-choice and performance-based test formats are used.
  • And 750 is the cutoff.
  • It is renewable every three years.

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