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Graphic Designer Career: Learn All About Being a Graphic Designer.

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graphic designer career

In this post, we are going to talk about graphic designer career and all about being a graphics designer.

Visual communication is essential in the most different processes of our society. In online or offline, the higher the quality of the pieces, the easier it is for people to assimilate the message.

This is important for companies to be able to present their solutions clearly, and for public agencies to be able to reach the population in order to provide clarification on the most diverse topics.


In this process, the graphic designer gains prominence. He is responsible for bringing to life visual solutions that make what the contractor wants or needs is exactly what his target audience understands.

To achieve this, he needs to master a number of tools, as communication can be done in different ways. It is possible to create pieces ranging from posts to social networks to billboards to be seen on public roads, through different channels and communication vehicles.

Since communication is alive, that is, it is always changing towards solutions previously considered unfeasible, it is up to the graphic designer to constantly update, so that he is able to solve the problems of his clients using the tools they have at their disposal be they traditional or innovative.


In practice, the graphic designer is a visual communication professional whose adaptability is one of his greatest characteristics.

graphic designer

The market for a graphic designer career

It is because of the characteristic of the graphic designer’s medium that he has space in both the public and private sectors. In most cases, these professionals work in the advertising market, usually within agencies where they partner with copywriters.



These are the two responsible for the creative part of the agency, generating the pieces that will reach the public according to the desired strategy.

With digital marketing, new demands have emerged for this expert. Today, many works in the home office system, creating solutions for different clients as freelancers, without the link with agencies.

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Even in the public sector, the graphic designer also has his space. Just check the advertisements that cities, states and the federal government publish to understand how, behind them, there is a logic, either in the use of colors, in the proportion between the elements and the aesthetic part as a whole. All of this was thought and developed by a graphic designer.

Also, in relation to the market, the performance of this professional can be diversified according to what he specializes in doing.

Professionals who are highly capable of creating vectors, for example, will be able to focus on this demand and thus receive more for specific services within or outside agencies.

What is the Graphic Design course like?

It is in the undergraduate degree in Graphic Design that the student learns these techniques necessary to act professionally, as well as acquiring the proper guidance to build their career.

Subjects such as Illustration and Image Treatment are taught, which can be deepened in specialization courses. Because there are so many possibilities in terms of tools and methods, graduation is often the gateway to the designer, although it is of great importance.

Much of the course is dedicated to the practical demands of the profession so that the student learns the essentials to provide their services.

However, there is a theoretical requirement, as it is essential for the professional to master the concepts behind each piece.

This is why training has subjects such as Art History. They are the ones that give support so that the different approaches taken in the day to day of the professional are in accordance with the expectations of the clients and can generate results.

In general, the courses last an average of four years and confer a bachelor’s degree. It is also possible to opt for faster solutions such as the graphic design technologist, which can be done in two or three years, in this case, the course is more focused on the demands of the labor market, being less theoretical and more practical, ie, Most of the disciplines studied are those that fill gaps in advertising agencies and various types of employers.

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Know the professional’s field of action

The professional can act in building the visual identity of brands, researching and bringing solutions in terms of logos, fonts, and colors unique to that client, because it is up to the graphic designer to create the pieces for publications in newspapers, magazines, outdoors, among others.

This can bring printable objects to life, differentiating your customers from other market competitors, and giving your brand a personality.

In addition, it can illustrate and edit images. To do so, you need to master tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to generate solutions that can communicate concepts and attract interest in the online environment.

In book design, it is possible to act in the management of publications and their edition, bringing to the market solutions such as books, magazines, among others.

It is also possible to work with website development. Art direction is responsible for creating the visual concept of the address, which is about defining what the interface will be like, what the content structure will be like.

Anyway, there is good space to act both online and offline, but it is essential that professionals find a way to specialize.

Graphic Designer Career

Find out how much the graphic designer earns

The graphic designer can earn well if he is not content with graduation alone. According to Catho’s survey of online jobs, the profession’s average salary is close to $ 1,600.

However, this value has much more to do with a large number of new professionals present in the market, receiving internship salaries and entry positions than with the few who are at the top.

Thus, a professional at the height of his career earns over $ 10,000 in large agencies.

Remember that there are public tenders for the graphic designer in bodies such as city halls and secretariats, which can give the profession stability that the freelancer, for example, does not usually have.

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However, even the freelancer can make good gains as long as he can get good clients to serve. With the market increasingly opening for freelancers, the trend is that in the coming years it will be much easier to close deals in this mode.


Understand the differentials of successful professionals

In the end, what makes the graphic designer stand out in the market is his ability to understand the needs of each client and therefore bring qualified solutions. Therefore, the experience that only comes with the years, and the specialization is fundamental.

The tip is to think of graduation as a first step. Importantly, it is true, because it will guarantee you access to the job market, but it should only be the gateway for you to be able to fill the best jobs and earn the highest salaries in the market.

Keep in mind that this must be a long term process and that to reach the peak of your career, you will inevitably have to go through several stages.

Thus, choosing a quality institution, recognized for facilitating this professional’s entry into the market is something that makes all the difference.

The more students value this training, the better it tends to be their choice and, consequently, the more doors will open at the beginning of their professional career.

This is important because it is at this stage, with the early stages and experiences that it is possible to grow in the profession to take control of large brand campaigns.

Therefore, the recommendation is: look for the educational institutions with the best results among the graphic design courses.



Overall, Graphic Designer Career is a course with a good employ-ability index, although in order to have access to the best opportunities it is necessary to face very high competition.

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