How to check your papers for plagiarism? Find Solutions

How to check your papers for plagiarism
How to check your papers for plagiarism

In today’s time of Advance technology and artificial intelligence, everything can be done in minutes or seconds without any human beings. Students and researchers are doing amazing in their fields because they have this latest technology that helps them to save their time and energy.

Writing and checking articles or research papers is a major task of students which require lots of time and energy. But now, they can do all the research and writing in a short time by using all the latest tools. These tools help them by improving their errors, correcting grammar, and removing plagiarism etc.

Plagiarism in articles, research papers, thesis etc. was never acceptable and not less than any crime. It is an unforgettable and low act. It can be done intentionally or unintentionally. It can destroy your career and reputation. Before publishing something, it is your responsibility to make sure that you’re not using someone else’s information in yours.



To avoid this act, one should thoroughly check their papers that there is no plagiarism. There are many free online tools available to do this task for you. Everyone can use these tools to remove errors and plagiarism from Content. It can check your papers easily.



Before choosing the right tool, gives a look to their features and selects the most reasonable one according to your requirement and needs. Some of the best plagiarism tools are there.



How to check your papers for plagiarism - prepostseo


PrepostSeo is an online plagiarism detector tool that helps millions of its users. It is accessible to every user. This tool makes your work easier and a better version of it. It can make this exhausting process a smooth and easy process. Using this tool, your work will be brilliantly done in minutes. You can rely on this tool for your data safety. We will have a look at its pros and cons.



  1. It is a convenient and helpful tool. Anyone can use it very easily because it is a fast, free and adaptable plagiarism checker app.
  2. It gives you the sources from where the data is plagiarized, to match the reference.
  3. It offers full results with references or sources and it has multiple language options.
  4. Moreover, it is a 100% safe app to use and your data is secure on this app.
  5. It gives you a good result of accuracy.
  6. It allows you to check the grammar of the data as well.
  7. It can check any email, research papers, assignments, articles, reports, etc.
  8. It is accessible on smartphones. You can install it on your device.
  9. Its paraphrasing tool can help you rewrite anything if there is any plagiarism found.



  1. The free version has a limit of 1k words only. If you want to check more words you have to purchase the premium one.
  2. There is an advertisement for the tool.


This tool can help all the students, teachers, blog writers, and researchers.


How to use this app:


Copy the data that you want to check and paste it into the input field, a file, or if it is in a picture form.

It can be in any form.

Click on the check button for the final results.

It gives you the percentage of how much percentage of the data is plagiarised.

The maximum words that can be checked are


* For Visitors, the word limit is 999 words.

* For Basic Users, the word limit is 1499 words.

* For Basic Premium Users, it is 4999 words.

* For Standard Premium Users, it is around 14999 words.

* For Company Premium Users, it is 24999 words.



How to check your papers for plagiarism - paraphraser

Paraphraser.io is another plagiarism checker online tool. It is a user-friendly tool and helps its user to remove plagiarism from the text and make it a unique and fresh piece of work. It is very helpful for all the students, teachers, bloggers, etc.

It has some other tools that can help you to improve the quality of your papers, for example, a grammar checker, text summarizer, and article rewriter. In case you find any plagiarism, you can use these tools to remove it.

Some of the positive and negative points of paraphraser are explained below:



  1. It checks the data in-depth and compares your data with the online data available.
  2. The results are correct. It is one of the most authentic tools.
  3. This tool costs you no money. It is completely free to use.
  4. There’s no restriction to using this tool. You can use it again and again.
  5. There’s a URL file option given or you can simply paste the content in the box.
  6. It helps you to do your task in a few seconds. One of the fastest tools.
  7. There’s no need to register or sign in.
  8. It gives you excellent results.



  1. Advertisements are the distractions while using this tool.
  2. In a free version, you can check around 999 words only. You have to pay a premium for more words.


How to use it?

– Open its link on your browser.

– Upload a file or paste your content into the given box.

– Click enter to get your report in a minute.



How to check your papers for plagiarism - grammarly

Grammarly is another plagiarism checking tool. It is one of the most reliable tools. You can use it for writing purposes and also to check plagiarized content.

It has some other amazing options as well, for example, grammar checker, essay or tone checker, style guide, etc.

Like every other tool, this one also has its pros and cons :



  1. You can work from your smartphone and laptop.
  2. It helps you with your grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, style, and tone in writing.
  3. You can choose its settings according to your needs. It can be turned off for some applications if you want.


  1. The premium one will highlight the plagiarized text. For free, you will only get a percentage of the plagiarism.



How to check your papers for plagiarism - paperRater

PaperRater is another plagiarism detection online tool that helps its user with much more than checking plagiarism. It can be helpful for everyone like students, teachers, writers, etc.

Some of the pros and cons of this tool are further explained.



  1. It helps you with grammar and spelling mistakes.
  2. Its proofreader works 24/7 to help you.
  3. There are no sign-in and emails required.
  4. This tool requires no money.
  5. It helps you with writing instructions as well. For example sentence removal, vocabulary usage, length of sentence, etc.
  6. It has a vocabulary builder which helps you to learn vocabulary.
  7. It can be used in 141+ countries.


  1. There are ads to distract you and waste your time.



How to check your papers for plagiarism - prowritingaid

If you want to check plagiarism in literary works, novels, scripts, or books, this tool is for you. It offers you next-level grammar and style checking opportunities. It improves the standard of your writing. It is helpful for fiction and nonfiction writers, students and bloggers, business and content makers, etc.  Some of the positive and negative points are :



  1. Improves the standard of your writings by using good vocabulary and removing grammatical errors.
  2. It connects you with your own thoughts and ideas.
  3. There are no advertisements to distract you.


  1. It costs you some money. It is not a free tool.



These tools help you to improve the quality of your writing. It saves much of your time by checking the grammatical and spelling errors as well. You can write freely without rechecking the spellings etc. It saves plenty of your time and energy. You must appreciate the owners of these tools by giving honest reviews.

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