Work in Canada as an Oil and Gas Rig Driller

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Companies will continue to operate their rigs as they wait for demand to return on a regular basis, despite the fact that an international oil price war is begun. Long after we have spent the earth’s resources, the transportation and energy industries’ lifeblood will be in demand.

You’ve arrived to the perfect location if you’re considering of working on an oil or gas rig in Canada. It is general known that working on an oil rig can pay extremely well. Depending on how active the business is and how much work is done on the rig, salaries in Western Canada range from $70,000 to $200,000.

Oil rig personnel have to work in isolated regions far from home, which is always a concern. But what if you could work in a modern civilization that gives you with all of the family amenities you require, allowing you and your loved ones to spend the quality time you deserve together?

Even if you still have to work those long shifts that last two to three weeks in Canada, at least it’s not months and you’re close to home.

Immigrating to Canada may be your ticket to the life you’ve always wanted, and with the extra benefit of permanent status, it’s a choice worth considering.

Why should you choose Canada?

There were 167 operational oil rigs and 90 active gas rigs in western Canada alone prior to the global Covid 19 pandemic. When these rigs return to service, there will undoubtedly be job openings.
So, what are the advantages of settling down in Canada?

1. A Higher Standard of Living

Canada has it everything, whether you want to spend your free time barbecuing with friends, fishing in lakes and rivers, or simply going to the movies. Canadians are among the happiest people on the planet because they work hard and play hard. Our culture values a healthy work-life balance, and it’s easy to see why.

Canada is a country where everybody may realize their ambitions and become the person they want to be. Allow yourself and future generations the opportunity to have more potential than anybody else on the planet.


2. A Caring Government

Canada has one of the world’s top free public health-care and education systems. We are also regarded as the world’s second safest country. Immigration is welcomed by the government as long as all necessary procedures are fulfilled.

The government has even set minimum goals for how many skilled foreign employees it wants to bring to Canada. By 2021, that figure will have risen to over one million. It has never been a better time to immigrate to Canada.


My Immigration Choices

When it comes to getting things done, it’s usually preferable to follow a step-by-step, best-practice approach. You may make the entire immigration procedure easier by following these four steps.



1. Pick a province or territory to represent.

The majority of oil and gas rigs are located in western Canada. The provinces with the most oil and gas output are Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Newfoundland and Labrador. You can apply for a job offer and possibly a provincial nomination once you’ve decided where you wish to work.

2. Double-check your eligibility

You must be eligible to enter Canada in order to immigrate. You must give crucial information to confirm your eligibility, which will be used to determine the next step.

3. Select a program for immigration.

In Canada, there are over 80 different ways to immigrate. Applying in the right method can make the difference between getting permanent residency in a few months and saving a lot of money vs having to reapply, pay processing fees again, and wait even longer for permanent residency. These are inconvenient headaches that you do not require.

The following are the four most popular immigration programs:

The Express Entry scheme; the Provincial Nomination Program; the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot; and the Atlantic Immigration Pilot are all examples of immigration pilots.

Each program has its own set of requirements, forms, and timelines for processing.

4. Complete and submit your applications

You must also apply for a temporary work permit for foreign nationals in addition to your permanent residence application. You will be eligible for other immigration programs if you work in Canada, such as the Canadian Experience Class, which is part of the Express Entry Program.

Make sure your permanent residency application is full and filled out completely the first time you submit it, because applications might be refused for the tiniest of reasons.


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