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(Remote) Latest Customer Service Job in UK

(Remote) Latest Customer Service Remote Job in UK

About this Job


Embrace the role of a meticulous Data Entry Clerk, where your principal duty involves the precise and efficient input of data into computer systems and databases. In this remote capacity, a keen eye for detail, unwavering accuracy, and proficient typing skills are indispensable.

Collaboration with fellow team members is key, ensuring data precision while adhering to established protocols for unwavering consistency.

Key Responsibilities

Your core responsibility entails the accurate input of data into diverse computer systems. Channel your adept typing skills to transcribe data directly sourced from customers. Excel in creating error-free spreadsheets, even when dealing with substantial numerical figures.


The meticulous verification of data against source documents is paramount. Additionally, you’ll play a pivotal role in updating existing data and retrieving information from databases or electronic files upon request. Regularly perform backups to guarantee the preservation of data integrity.


Demonstrate rapid typing skills, with a strong preference for familiarity with the touch typing system. Exhibit an excellent command of word processing tools and spreadsheets, including proficiency in MS Office Word and Excel.

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Possess a working knowledge of office equipment, computer hardware, and peripheral devices. Garner a basic understanding of databases to excel in your role. Showcase proficiency in both oral and written English, coupled with stellar customer service skills.


Attention to detail is non-negotiable. A high school degree or equivalent qualification is required.

Fully Remote Advantage

This position offers the unique privilege of being entirely remote, affording you the flexibility to work from the comfort of your home or any location that suits your preferences.

We prioritize your success by providing a flexible work schedule and a supportive team environment. Seize the opportunity to thrive in a role that combines autonomy and teamwork seamlessly.

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