Top Paying Jobs in Capital Goods 2022


Are you in search of a job In capital goods? you will find a list of the top paying jobs in capital goods. Whether you want to pursue a career in capital goods or you are just trying to find a new job, you will discover a list of the best paying jobs in capital goods below, But first lets start from the meaning of the subject.

What Are Capital Goods?

What Are Capital Goods

Capital goods are those physical assets purchased for use in the production of goods or services. They are generally anything that is used to make other products or services.


Capital goods are commonly employed as manufacturing systems or services. As It’s difficult to conduct a business without a physical location, equipment, tools, or machinery, these physical assets are the primary production factors that ensure the manufacturing process of finished goods.

So why should you care? I guess the benefits attached, right?

What are the Benefits of a Capital Goods Career?

Benefits of a Career in Capital Goods


Below are the tangible reasons why you should get a job in the Capital Goods Industry.

1. Possibilities for advancement

Employees in this industry have numerous opportunities to enhance their careers. A worker can advance from an entry-level production position to a management position such as a plant operator or a quality control inspector.

2. Opportunities for beginners.

Several positions in the capital goods sector require no prior work experience. On-the-job training is a more practical option than certifications or internships.

Any one can get valuable knowledge and work experience while learning valuable skills that will benefit him in the long run.


3. Working on a real project.

This industry is concerned with the creation of tangible goods. As a result, one can see the tangible fruits of their labor, which is really fulfilling. This is in stark contrast to vocations, where the outcomes are frequently abstract.


The Top Paying Jobs in Capital Goods 2022

Top Paying Jobs in Capital Goods 2022

1. Engineering Manager

In a capital goods organization, engineering managers organize, direct, and plan engineering projects. An engineering manager must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering and years of experience in the field. This function also includes formulating strategies to strengthen the company’s engineering department.


Average Salary per year: $149,530 per year.


2. Project Manager

Projects for capital goods normally take one to five years, during which time manufacturing and deliveries are regular. This position enables long-term planning of a manufacturing plant expansion or restoration. Some of the highest-paying jobs in project management include  project manager, project engineer, and project manager-level positions.

Average Salary per year: $88,688 per year.


3. Marketing Manager

For capital goods organizations, marketing managers are in charge of planning, formulating, and executing strategic marketing plans in order to acquire new consumers and maintain existing ones.

Marketing managers collaborate with sales personnel to determine the product’s market pricing.

Average Salary per year: $141,490 per year.


4. Training and Development Manager

In a capital goods company, training and development managers are in charge of training and developing other personnel. Because capital goods firms sell specialized items such as manufacturing technology for the electronics sector or transportation infrastructure for the chemicals industry, this is a critical position.

Average Salary per year: $115,640 per year.


5. Sales Manager

Sales managers supervise a team of sales people who are responsible for selling a company’s product. To offer capital goods products, they must have a thorough understanding of the manufacturing process. Sales managers must have a bachelor’s degree in economics, business, or a technical specialty to estimate the opportunity cost and marginal cost of items.

Average Salary per year: $132,290 per year.


6. Software Engineer

To perform properly, capital goods companies rely on tech jobs such as software developers. In the capital goods market, software engineers design computer tools and programs that help the company work more smoothly. While they are not directly involved in the factors of production, they assist capital goods companies in maintaining profitability.

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Average Salary per year: $110,140 per year.


7. Mechanical Engineer

A mechanical engineer creates, develops, and tests machines used in capital goods production. Mechanical engineers ensure that their machines’ manufacturing processes adhere to industry standards or client demands. Mechanical engineers’ technical services are particularly vital in the capital goods industry.

Average Salary per year: $90,160 per year.


8. Credit Controller

As the economy improves, an increasing number of people are looking for jobs. This is fantastic news for credit controllers, who are in charge of deciding whether or not a person has the necessary credit score to be accepted for a specific product or service.

Credit controllers may work in an accounts, payable department, accounts receivable department, or enterprise resource planning department, depending on the product and industry. These are crucial occupations in an industry where rising demand for a product can lead to higher costs.

Average Salary per year: $166,973 per year.


9. Management Analyst

In a capital goods company, a management analyst offers measures to increase efficiency. They build more effective production processes by examining financial records and industrial data to maximize economic prospects.

Average Salary per year: $87,660 per year.


10. Quality Control Manager

A quality control manager supervises employees and oversees product development methods to guarantee that goods fulfill quality and efficiency requirements. The quality control manager also works with customers to ensure that the final products fulfill their expectations and standards.

Average Salary per year: $72,175 per year.


11. Customer Service Representative

Customer service professionals are increasingly being used as a safeguard against entry-level manufacturing employment, support, and feedback concerns.

Customer service representatives may work in customer service departments, sales, or marketing, depending on the product and industry. Most work for a single company, but some may work in multiple departments as they assist customers with the purchasing process.

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Customer service agent, customer service manager, and customer service manager-level positions are the highest-paying occupations in the industry.

Average Salary per year: $40,424 per year.


12. Manufacturing Director

The manufacturing director works closely with the executive team . He employs supervisors and managers and also establishes output targets. He is also in charge of ensuring that the factory satisfies the strictest safety requirements.

Average Salary per year: $200,000 per year.


FAQs On Capital Goods

Below are the frequently asked questions on capital goods, what your own query? Lets see!

Is Capital Goods a Good Career Path?

Yes, Capital Goods is a Good Career Path. Capital Goods Industry is a huge part of the economy which provides jobs for graduates on a variety of career paths.

As a capital goods professional, you can help people do their jobs better, play their part in making the world go round by designing and building the machines that underlie modern economies – from airplanes to automobiles to power plants and much more.

What are Capital Goods Examples?

Some Examples of Capital Goods by categories are Electronics, Machinery, Chemicals, Steel, Textile and Automotive.

Do Capital Goods Jobs Pay?

Yes, Depending on your educational qualifications, skills and experience, you can earn an average of $50,000 – $90,000 per year. For example, Salary.com stats shows an Engineering Manager in the US earns between $123,330 and $155,054 per year.



Capital Goods Jobs is one of the fastest growing job boards around. It is a marketplace, with a focus on finding qualified professionals for a variety of careers related to manufacturing. it is a good career to pursue in this 21st century.

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