Apply to the Harvard University Aspire Leaders Program (Fully-funded)


Harvard University Aspire Leaders Program is a fully sponsored program that is being spearheaded by some of the most distinguished professors at Harvard Business School. It’s designed to prepare the next generation of socially aware leaders, particularly those who come from financially challenged backgrounds. 

If you’re interested in making a difference and have the drive and motivation to do so, this esteemed program is eagerly awaiting your application. Through the Harvard University Aspire Leaders Program, you will have the opportunity to pursue your leadership career and make a significant influence on the world at large. 

Don’t wait anymore, take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get the knowledge you need from the very best and become the change you want to see in the world. 


The Harvard University Aspire Leaders Program’s Application is Open

Are you an aspiring international student? Now is the time to make the most of this opportunity and submit your application for the life-changing Aspire Leaders Program before the Early Action deadline of December 1 or the final deadline which is March 2024. 

This program, which is fully sponsored and is being led by Harvard University, is designed to grow young leaders from a variety of different backgrounds and provide them with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop their potential. 

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Are you prepared to step into the role of a changemaker and to motivate the communities you serve? You have the opportunity to be a part of an experience that is both one-of-a-kind and profound if you submit your application right now.

More About the Aspire Leaders Program

Who is the Aspire Leaders Program For?: If you are ambitious, resilient, and looking to make a difference in the world then The Aspire Leaders Program could just be the revolutionary chance you’ve been waiting for.

This fully financed, life-changing project at Harvard University is specifically for candidates who meet the following criteria:

  • From low-income households
  • Aged 18-26
  • First-generation university students(Students whose parents did not complete university)
  • Students affected by natural disasters or any form of armed conflict. 

If you fulfill these qualifications and are willing to make a lasting influence on your community, you might be eligible for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Don’t wait to make your imprint on the world by applying today.


Possible Opportunities You Will Get Through The Program 

The Harvard University Aspire Leaders Program program offers a whole lot of virtual experiences, meant to equip you with cutting-edge leadership skills, global recognition, and innovative solutions to challenging situations. 

You will also have access to:

  • Fully-funded HarvardX courses
  • Live seminars with top-notch teachers
  • Thought-provoking sessions with your peers. 

And that’s not all, you can also apply for grant and mentoring opportunities to further increase your academic and personal growth. All this, without ever leaving your home.

Whether you’re a first-time candidate or a returning candidate, the Aspire Leaders Program invites you to its fully-funded, virtual environment of learning and growth. To join, all you need is a device and an internet connection. You don’t need to travel for classes and seminars. Interesting right? Obviously yes!

Do I Need To Be Fluent in English?

While all stages are presented in English, we urge non-native speakers to give their best effort and apply anyhow. So, you are free to apply even if English is your second language.

Am I Eligible to Try Again?

For those who’ve applied in the past? Don’t hesitate to give it another go after all, tenacity is the mark of a strong leader. However, if you have completed all five stages, there’s no need to apply again.

How Long Do I Have?

The Harvard University Aspire Leaders Program program is an opportunity not to be missed, and the Early Action Deadline is swiftly approaching. This competitive selection method seeks to find and nurture future leaders who will be accepted into Stage 1 on a rolling basis, before proceeding through the multi-stage selection process. 

So as a potential student, it’s advisable to submit your application on time, to prevent missing this great chance.

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What Are My Expectations?

The Harvard University Aspire Leaders Program program is about more than simply a program it’s about establishing a path to becoming a leader with a global impact. By finishing the program, you’ll become part of the famous Aspire Institute alumni network, a community of varied and vibrant change-makers from across the world. 

This network gives access to regional cohorts, affinity networks, and a life-long network of peers and educators that will support and inspire you as you begin on your leadership path. The outcomes? Unmatched chances for advancement, global influence, and lasting connections with like-minded leaders.

Below is a rundown of all the modules in this program;


Module 1 is going to run for three weeks. Below is a glimpse of what you will be exposed to in the first three weeks:

  • A thorough assessment of your strengths-based leadership skills. 
  • You’ll be presented with world-class tools from Harvard Business School, designed to help you construct an effective LinkedIn profile, a distinctive CV, and top-notch interview and networking abilities. 
  • You’ll also be able to engage with a worldwide cohort of peers, exchanging ideas and insights in live, interactive sessions.



Module 2 is going to run for seven weeks. Below is a glimpse of what you will be exposed to in the seven weeks:

This particular module is more like a master class in leadership with Harvard University precisely developed to run for seven weeks. It is designed to provide first-generation leaders with the skills and knowledge to negotiate the obstacles of social impact. 

Throughout this engaging program, you’ll learn the following:

  • Week One: Understanding what leadership is and also understand yourself as a leader
  • Week Two: Examining the value of self-discovery, contextual knowledge, and creating trust. 
  • Week Three: Understanding the complicated and ever-changing world of digital transformation and AI. 
  • Week Four: You will put your learning into practice as you join in a vibrant live discussion about tackling community concerns. 
  • Week Five: You will hear from industry professionals who share their experiences and views.
  • Week Six: You will have another dynamic live session, focusing on establishing real plans for taking action in local communities throughout the globe. 
  • Week Seven: You will complete independent coursework and prepare for Module 3, ready to take the next step in your leadership path.
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As you approach the third and final module of the Aspire Leaders Program, prepare for an intensive, two-week immersion into leadership, as masterclasses taught by the best minds from top institutions across the globe challenge and inspire you. 

With a combination of self-paced and real-time learning, you’ll not only enhance your knowledge but also create important connections with a dynamic network of peers and mentors. 

When you graduate from the program, you’ll have access to a lively community of young leaders and seasoned mentors, as well as social impact to seed funding to jumpstart your path as a changemaker in your community.

More About The Cohort 

The Aspire Leaders Program is now accepting applications for Cohort. Each cohort will start with a rigorous three-module program, meant to challenge, inspire, and empower each individual enrolled in the program.

Cohort 1

The Aspire Leaders Program is now accepting applications for Cohort 1, expected to begin very soon. The application deadline is Saturday, December 2nd, at 11:59 p.m. EST (Boston, USA). 



Now you’ve gone through the ins and outs of the fully-funded, life-changing Harvard University Aspire Leaders Program, it’s evident that this project offers an extraordinary chance for socially conscious individuals to pursue their leadership careers and make their impact in the world. 

From the curriculum guided by renowned educators to the dynamic live sessions with global peers and experienced mentors, the Aspire Leaders Program offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to help ambitious young leaders achieve their goals.

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