5 Destinations For Students Excursions in Nigeria

national war museum, umuahia
national war museum, umuahia

Students’ Excursions are short trips by students, under the supervision of the school management. Students are taken to a place(s) away from their usual activities environment. The main aim of education is to impart knowledge and exposure. In most cases, excursions are essential to quality curriculum delivery in sense that they provide access to teaching content and learning experiences not available at the school/Institutions.

We will be Outlining to you some Educational excursions Locations in Nigeria.

1. Enugu National Museum

national museum of unity, enugu
national museum of unity, enugu state.

The National Museum of Unity, Enugu State, was established in 1972 in a bid to unify Nigeria after the Nigerian civil war which ended in 1970. It is notable as the only thriving museum in the country dedicated to the ‘No Victor, No Vanquished’ slogan of 1970 designed to heal the then self-inflicted festering damages of the Nigerian Civil War.

The museum houses a host of invaluable cultural relics from different tribes in Nigeria that cannot fail to interest anyone with an eye for details and cultural awareness. Enugu State is one of the safest states in Nigeria and as a matter of fact, its filled with fun and mega zones that i found it hard leaving on my last visit.

Ever heard of the Indigenous New Berries Bar? The National Museum of Unity, Enugu State Is One students would like to pay a visit to.


2. Kainji dam

kainji dam2

The Kainji dam, located across the River Niger, was completed in 1968. The dam generates electricity for all the large cities in Nigeria. Some of the electricity is sold to the neighboring country of Niger, Ghana etc. An excursion here will open the students to the process of power generation, transmission and distribution.

3. Benin City National Museum

the benin city national museum
the benin city national museum

Benin city national museum was established on August 10, 1973, by the National Commission for museums and monuments. It is located in the city center on King’s Square, Benin City Nigeria.

Benin national museum is home to priceless Benin art, history, antiques and other artifacts from around the country.

Students can visit the terracotta sculptures, educate yourself about the Benin kingdom, learn and experience Benin culture and many Other Ancient African History etc.


4. The National War Museum, Umuahia

national war museum, umuahia
national war museum, umuahia

The National War Museum, Umuahia Located in Abia state, Nigeria serves as a repository of the various relics, War equipment and other devices from the blistering civil war that nearly divided the Nigeria nation in the late 1960s.

The museum serves as a legacy and historical embodiment of the Nigerian/Biafra War. History Students can get a lot of education visiting this museum.


5. The Ikogosi Warm Springs

the ikogosi warm springs
the ikogosi warm springs

The Ikogosi Warm Springs is a tourist attraction located at Ikogosi, a town in Ekiti State, Nigeria. Ikogosi Warm Spring is a mystery, experts have claimed it is a wonder to have such formation from the same rock formation.

The two streams have separate origins with proximity. These two springs met at a confluence, retains their thermal properties and never mix.

The spring was made very popular by a Baptist Missionary Rev John S McGee in 1950 after he discovered it during missionary work in Ekiti State, Nigeria. Against warnings by the locals who thought something might happen to him if he visits.

He saw this mystery and thought it would be a great location to set up a Baptist Youth camp. It became a famous youth camp and tourist destination.

However, after he retired, the camp was abandoned and sold to the Nigerian Government in 1978 for Three Hundred Naira ($0.70). The place has become one of the top tourist destinations in Nigeria worth billions!.

This could be Great Place for Science Students for Research and Experiments!, Research Students will be Amazed at the Discovery they would get Upon Visit.
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